Update: The Mosquito and the Zika Virus

Update: The Mosquito and the Zika Virus

The arrival of warm humid days signal the impending arrival of the mosquito and perhaps the Zika virus to our region. The Zika Virus is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito.

Here’s the latest information –

As mentioned in our February post, The National Institutes of Health estimated that 200 million Americans reside in areas that might be conducive to the spread of the Zika virus during the warmer months. Areas including the East & West Coast and much of the Midwest. Another 22.7 million people live in subtropical parts of the country that might support the spread of Zika all year around – including Florida and southern Texas.

In April, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated this information by increasing the range of affected US States from 12 to 30.

CDC Chart of the Week - Zika Range Update

Please Note: The Greater Dayton, Montgomery & Greene Counties are included in the combined reach zone for both Aedes type mosquitoes.

“Everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control. The range of the Aedes mosquito species is far larger than we previously thought and the disease’s effects are more damaging than initial medical studies suggested. The virus is linked to a broader set of complications in pregnancy.

The Zika virus usually results in mild symptoms including, fever, rash, fatigue, joint pain and red eyes. But new research points to a possible connection to higher rates of Guillain-Barré syndrome in adults, a condition in which the immune system attacks nerves following an infection, causing muscle weakness and paralysis. In pregnant women, the virus can cause birth defects, including microcephaly — an abnormally small head and brain size.

Currently, there is no treatment or vaccine for Zika although researchers are working on it.

So what can we do about these deadly creatures?

Eliminate possible breeding sites.
Mosquitoes can breed in as little as one inch of standing water. Remove empty containers like tires, planters, buckets and toys that can collect water. Clean out your gutters and if a pet dish must be left outdoors – be sure to change the water daily. A full evaluation of all the little hiding places is the first step to control.

Remove a comfortable resting place.
Keeping your grass mowed and shrubs trimmed eliminates hideouts for Mosquitoes during the day.

One thing you cannot control are the neighbors. Here’s where a professional, like Country Club Landscaping can help –

  • Our programs provide protection beginning in May and ending in September with (7) Applications.
  • Beginning with a full site inspection and recommendations for how to best protect your property.
  • Mosquito Program 1: Synthetic – An FDA approved application that’s safe for people and pets. Keep application area clear of people & pets for 2 hrs following application. Please note: Times of heavy sustained rainfall may require additional applications to maintain an effective barrier.
  • Mosquito Program 2: Organic – An all organic application that’s environmentally safe for people and pets; using a combination of Peppermint, Cedar oil and natural mosquito deterrents. Please note: Times of heavy sustained rainfall may require additional applications to maintain an effective barrier.
  • Our professional team will treat ALL areas of your property including the tree lines, shrubs and even under decks.  Not just the perimeter like some of our competitors.
  • One simple contract can protect your family and friends from mosquitoes all season long.
  • Special Event & Party Treatments are available.

Have our professional staff perform an inspection of your property and develop a safe and effective protection plan – contact us at 937.433.5915 or complete our web form by clicking here.


Kris McKee
Country Club Landscaping


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