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Professional Christmas Lighting

You can have the best holiday lighting display on the block this season with the help of our Christmas light installation experts. Our Christmas light installers in Phoenix have years of experience performing professional quality installations on all types of homes and businesses. From simple residential lights to commercial displays, no job is too big or too small. We can make your holiday lighting dreams come true!

Benefits of Our Christmas Light Installation In Dayton

No climbing on the roof. Not ladders. Not electric shock. Our highly trained teams will take all the risk and using all the safety gear we can muster. We will install your design without any effort on your part.

We custom design every installation and use only the highest quality commercial grade products available. We go through all the materials at the beginning and end of every season and make sure that everything is in good working order. Any issues we find are repaired or replaced to make sure your system is always in the best condition.

With the highest quality installation and award winning designs, when the big guy comes to deliver the Christmas cheer, he will always be able to find your home.

How it works

We design a custom system for your home. We build each display to the exact specifications of your property. Our team arrives and installs the system and provides ongoing support throughout the Christmas season. After the arrival if the New Year, our elves return and remove the display, box it up in high grade totes, and store everything in our warehouse so you have nothing to worry about. All that service and cheer for one great price.

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There's No Easier Way To Get Christmas Light Installation Than Our Simple 3 Step Process

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Get A Quote

Contact our professional sales team through our contact form or by phone to set up your fast, free consultation.

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Schedule Service

We will get you scheduled for outstanding customer service and relationship that will last.

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Relax & Enjoy

Site back and enjoy your beautiful, healthy, and sustainable landscape at your own private Country Club.

We Can Transform Any Area Of Your Property!

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Areas We Service

Our team has been proudly serving the finest homes and commercial properties in the Dayton area for over 15 years. We have a wide ranging service area to ensure that we can serve all your landscape needs.

We Provide The Highest Quality Landscaping In The Dayton Area

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Frequently Asked
Christmas Light Installation Questions

The first-year cost for your system is a little higher as it will include the time needed to build your system and acquire the materials. In the following season, there will be a slightly reduced cost

GFCI! All homes are required to have GFCI safeguards built into their electrical systems. Any time moisture finds its way into the system, these breakers will trip. We make every effort to ensure that your system is as sealed and weather tight as possible, but we are adding hundreds, it not thousands, of additional electrical connections to your home and sometimes the breaker trips. When it does, a simple reset of the outlet gets everything back up and running.

Your neighbors, your friends, your family, and of course Santa, will no problems finding your home with one of our designs. We plan for the WOW and that’s what we want to deliver.

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