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Snow Removal

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how quickly–and how well–snow and ice are removed from your grounds.

Good snow removal contractors have good pre-season planning, proper insurance, pre-purchased de-icing materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and great communication with customers during a snow event. So that’s what we do.

You can stay ahead of the weather and avoid disruptions to property and people when you rely on Country Club Landscaping. We have trained professionals on “snow watch” at night, so you can rest easy. Our snow removal professionals are on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, watching the weather patterns and coordinating our drivers and shovelers.

Benefits of Our Snow Removal In Dayton

A steady supply of salt, from our strategically placed salt domes throughout the Dayton area, means we always the supply to keep you safe.

We plan accordingly to make sure that our balance of staff and properties means that we will always be able to make the call when winter arrives.

Each client has a dedicated account manager who coordinates work for all of your properties, so you can avoid the burden of communicating with multiple people just to get your properties served.

Winter Services

Choosing our full-service snow and ice management services ensure that your business remains safe and accessible during the winter months.

  • Parking Lot Clearing & Deicing
  • Sidewalk Clearing & Deicing
  • Commercial Snow Plowing & Shoveling
  • Winter Storm Preparation
  • Snow Haul-Away Services
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There's No Easier Way To Get Snow Removal Than Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 01

Get A Quote

Contact our professional sales team through our contact form or by phone to set up your fast, free consultation.

Step 02

Schedule Service

We will get you scheduled for outstanding customer service and relationship that will last.

Step 03

Relax & Enjoy

Site back and enjoy your beautiful, healthy, and sustainable landscape at your own private Country Club.

We Can Transform Any Area Of Your Property!

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Areas We Service

Our team has been proudly serving the finest homes and commercial properties in the Dayton area for over 15 years. We have a wide ranging service area to ensure that we can serve all your landscape needs.

We Provide The Highest Quality Landscaping In The Dayton Area

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Frequently Asked
Snow Removal Questions

Deicing products are not all equal. Using the wrong product on the wrong surface in the wrong quantity can cause damage for certain. While deicing materials can be corrosive, the biggest threat to your pavement is water itself. As ice/snow melt the water finds its way into tiny pockets in your pavement. When it freezes it expands and causes weak spots to break and separate. Using the proper ice melt in the proper quantity not only melts that ice but also helps to evaporate the surface moisture helping to protect your pavement.

Any time we scrape the pavement with a plow, blower, or shovel we are creating a thin layer of compacted snow and that leads to ice. An application of ice melt after clearing of your pavement will ensure that you have the safest property possible for you clients and staff.

The simple answer is much less than a lawsuit. Our mission is to make sure that we provide you and your clients with the safest environment possible when winter hits. Slip and falls, property damage, or the image of an unsafe situation can lead to major financial problems and we want to make sure you avoid that.

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