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Our fixtures come with an industry-leading limited warranty for all manufacturing defects. Country Club Landscaping warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship when products are installed, operated and maintained according to applicable codes and normal use according to label or supplied instructions. Without charge, Country Club Landscaping will either repair or replace the broken component or fixture. Country Club Landscaping reserves the right to decide between repair or replacement of any professionally installed product which fails under normal operating conditions and has not undergone abuse beyond normal wear and tear.

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All dedicated fixtures, including our SL01, SL04, SL06, SL07, SL07B, SL07P, SL11, SL12, SL21, SL23, SL24, SL31, and SL33, have a lifetime warranty on their exterior housing. Dedicated fixtures are fixtures with serviceable LEDs and drivers.

All integrated fixtures, including our SL02, SL05, SL09, SL13, SL17, and SL36 have a 10-year warranty on their exterior housing. Integrated fixtures are fixtures with non-serviceable LEDs and drivers.

Country Club Landscaping uses the highest quality marine-grade, virgin brass. Our antique bronze and raw brass surfaces and finishes are intended to age naturally and patina over time resulting in natural color changes. The finishes developed during the natural aging process will vary depending on environmental factors such as exposure to salt water and direct sunlight.

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LEDs, drivers, and electrical components sold after July 1, 2017 have a 10-year warranty. Country Club Landscaping Cafe Light LEDs come with a 3-year warranty.


Transformers come with a lifetime warranty under normal use as specified by local code and product instructions and specifications.


  • This warranty covers only equipment manufactured by Sterling Lighting.
  • It does not cover products supplied by, but not manufactured by, Sterling Lighting.
  • It does not apply to any equipment of another manufacturer that may have been used in conjunction with Sterling Lighting equipment.
  • This warranty does not cover LED’s or drivers used in a non Sterling Lighting Fixture.
  • This warranty does not cover damage due to acts of God, such as lightning strikes, hail, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, solar storms, or other extreme weather events.
  • It does not cover electrical surges or partial power outages caused by power companies.
  • It does not cover vandalism or theft or accidents.
  • It does not cover user error such as connecting to a high voltage power source.
  • It does not cover the use of non-approved electronic transformers and dimmers with Sterling Lighting products.
  • Warranty does not cover water damage to products (unless specifically an underwater light) that have been submerged in water, incorrectly installed, or reassembled.
  • These warranties extend to the original purchaser and are non transferable.
  • These warranties do not include labor or other costs associated with the repair or replacement of any defective products that need to be replaced or repaired.

The forgoing warranty Seller makes no representations or warranties except those expressly set forth herein. Seller disclaims all other warranties expressed or implied including but not limited to, any supplier or distributor that modifies or amends this limited warranty.

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Dedicated fixtures refer to all fixtures with serviceable LEDs and drivers. This definition includes our SL01, SL04, SL06, SL07, SL07B, SL07P, SL11, SL12, SL21, SL23, SL24, SL31, and SL33.

Integrated fixtures refer to all fixtures with non-serviceable LED and electrical components. This definition includes our SL02, SL09, and SL17.

Drop-in bulbs refer to all fixtures that have a solid outer body and require a drop-in bulb. This definition includes our SL08.

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