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Outdoor-Lighting  Outdoor-lighting

It’s undeniable – when guests arrive the exterior of your home is the first thing they see. So let’s make sure yours leaves a good first impression.

Work with a professional who will consider the architectural and landscaping elements of your home – one who will add different sources of light at varying heights to bring your exterior to life in the night air.

Exterior lighting should provide a well-lit space so people can feel safe as they enter and exit your home. It should be attractive and operate efficiently while setting a mood and atmosphere that is consistent with your unique personality. Using the lit shapes and textures on the exterior as an extension of your interior home.

As you plan your lighting design, remember a few well-placed path and accent lights can have a big impact on well-manicured landscape. Consider the patios and those areas immediately outside your house. Think about lighting tree trunks and branches or, perhaps vine wrap trellises in far corners of your yard. Create your own oasis – one that invites your guests outdoors, creates magical settings for entertaining as well as relaxation.

Today, there’s a wide selection of decorative landscape lighting fixtures. Selecting the best combination for form and function in your locale is important. It’s easier than ever to add color and interest with different glass variations, unique castings, architectural elements and nature inspired shapes.

Now is a great time to upgrade from an incandescent system to LED technology – thanks to a longer lasting product and dramatically reduced energy consumption, using low-voltage LED lighting will save you money in the long run and reduce your carbon footprint.

Let our experts help you find the right styles and materials that will make your outdoor environment come of life for your family and guests to enjoy. You can reach us at 937.433.5915.


Kris McKee
Country Club Landscaping

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