Landscape Lighting: Illumination and Beautification

Since Country Club Landscaping began in 2005, we’ve noticed customers missing the use of landscape lighting to increase curb appeal, safety, and time spent outdoors. Landscape lighting has steadily grown in popularity, and with new bulb technology, is more efficient and cost effective than ever (more on this next week!). Today’s lighting techniques offer a diverse range of styles and uses that are a must have for every discerning home owner.


Accent and Highlight

Accent lighting boosts home value and curb appeal by leaving a memorable first impression day or night. It can be used to create focal points highlighting interesting architectural features, and/or valued landscaped and garden areas. Further, accent lighting accentuates textures and details not easily seen in daylight. Accent lighting can also be used to create interesting shadows and depth as part of an overall design scheme.



Strategically placed lights are a practical and attractive way to enhance home safety. Use lights to brighten stairs, low hanging branches, and other safety hazards; making it easier for you, family, and guests to move around when the sun goes down. Plus, landscape lighting is a proven way to deter intruders. Eliminating unwanted darkened and shadowed areas increases visibility and decreases spots that would conceal movement. Safety lights can be comprised of a variety of styles to best highlight your home.



Landscape lighting extends the time your family can enjoy being outdoors. Adding lights to patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor living spaces makes warm, bright, and inviting places for evening entertainment and relaxation. Lights can also be added in or around pools and play areas for safe fun after daylight hours. Additionally, entertainment lighting can be designed around your current aesthetic to maintain the unique feel of your backyard.


Country Club Landscaping’s professionals are experts at advising on landscape lighting schemes and designs.  We are well versed in the various methods and techniques to create an ambiance that the whole family can enjoy! Whether customers desire lighting to accent their homes, decrease safety concerns, entertain, or a combination of the three, choosing Country Club Landscaping is a guaranteed way to make those goals a reality.

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