How do you price a Spring cleanup?

We get asked this question a lot…obviously, it’s what we do! There are many different ways that companies price out their services and there is no right or wrong way, just a matter of what works for a particular company…or client. For us, it’s all about the client!

When we meet with a prospective client, it is out job to ask questions, learn what services make the most sense to meet their goals, and then make recommendations on how to meet their goals. We spend time walking through the property and talking about trouble spots, dream areas, and their vision.

For some clients, the pricing is as simple as a quick price for installing a fresh layer of mulch and a little cleanup. For other clients it can be as in depth as touching every tree, shrub, and perennial on their property, edging out beds, applying weed control and fertilizer, and then that perfect layer of mulch. For us, the size of the job doesn’t matter, exceeding our clients expectations does. We can keep it as simple or hands on as you would like.

When it comes to how we work our pricing it comes down to the fact that we know our numbers. Our team has been providing maintenance services in the Dayton area for almost 20 years and we know what it takes. When we provide you with a budget recommendation you can feel confident that the job will be exactly what you are looking for and that ALL the details will be taken care of. We can guarantee that because the job isn’t done until we’ve provided you with 5 star service.

On average, you should plan to budget $85-165 per yard for a spring cleanup and mulch job in Dayton area depending of the services you request. Most homes in the Dayton area will average 5-10 yds of mulch. If you have any questions about specifics of your project, we would be happy to speak with you and discuss any questions that you have. CONTACT US NOW to schedule a quote today.

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