Beauty, Safety, Privacy: The Case for Fencing

An attractive landscape extends beyond plants, trees, and shrubs. It also consists of the materials used to accent and secure the home’s property.  These items can include lighting, hardscapes, and, commonly, fencing. A new or updated fence is an easy way to renovate the home’s exterior. Professional fence installation also offers numerous benefits with a variety of types and styles to suit any homeowner’s taste and budget.


From the functional to the aesthetic, fencing provides a variety of benefits. By installing a fence, the homeowner can clearly define their property line while increasing home value through curb appeal. The fence acts as a frame accenting the home and landscape in an attractive way. The fence also creates increased security by deterring unwanted visitors and by keeping pets and children safely within the yard. In addition to security, a professionally installed fence offers privacy and sanctuary while working or playing outside. Since fencing is available in an assortment of styles, homeowners have the flexibility to choose a look that best meets their individual needs and preferences.


There are a multitude of fence styles available. When selecting a style, homeowners should consider both their needs and wants, such as: overall look and feel of the home/landscape, and desired levels of privacy and security. Fencing is made from a variety of durable materials that includes wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Below are some of the most common styles installed today:

Privacy: Available in full and partial options, privacy fences are the perfect choice to create that isolated oasis. Privacy fencing is available in both wood and vinyl with wooden, vinyl, or aluminum posts. These fences can be as traditional or decorative as the homeowners likes, with lattice panels and gates, and post caps available.

Picket: An all-American classic available in wood or vinyl. The traditional picket fence is marked by wide set posts with a thinner top rail and wider bottom one. The top is often scalloped with attractive post caps creating that iconic look. Try post and rail fencing for a contemporary twist on this classic look.

Ornamental: Most ornamental fencing is created with metal or aluminum posts and poles. The metal fence posts are wide spread and can feature elaborate and intricate design work. This elegant option is long-lasting due to the durable materials used to create it.

Chain: Chain link fencing is a budget-friendly and practical option. The metal chain links are durable and highly effective at keeping pets and people in the yard. High-end chain link is also vinyl coated to increase the fence’s longevity.

Now is the perfect time to schedule a fence installation with Country Club Landscaping. Since plants and grasses are dormant during the cooler months, they are less likely to be disturbed while the fence is built. This means a fall fence installation will allow you to enjoy spring in your yard while protecting your landscape during the installation process. Accent and secure your property with a fence by Country Club Landscaping.  Let’s create your oasis, together, today!

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