Pruning correctly encourages healthy growth and flowering that yields good looking plants. As preventative maintenance, pruning protects your trees and shrubs from pests and disease that can take hold in dead wood, broken branches, and even wounds caused by branches that are rubbing together.

Typically, the first pruning is completed in the spring with a second pruning about mid-season. Remember, proper natural pruning is key to a healthy landscape.

  • Prune Small Trees
  • Shape Ornamental Trees
  • Rejuvenating Pruning
  • Dormant Winter Pruning
  • Prune Shrubs using Hand Pruners and Loppers
  • Shear Hedges
  • Use Shears as Needed and Required

When coupled with our maintenance visits, pruning is done with each visit as needed to maintain proper shape and health. Shrubs are trained to have proper shape, size, and health as well as, that lovely manicured appearance.

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