Mosquito Control


200 species of mosquito have been identified in the United States. A mosquito bite can cause an allergic reaction or, you may receive an illness transmitted from the bite. These flying pests carry a number of diseases from West Nile Virus to this year’s Zika Virus threat.

Our All-Natural Mosquito Control program is designed to control mosquito populations surrounding your property. Our Pest Control Professionals will spray every 4 to 6 weeks paying particular attention to high-risk areas such as:

  • Foliage of Trees & Shrubs.
  • Under Decks & Awnings.
  • Standing Water Areas such as, Birdbaths and Gutters.

Our program provides protection beginning in May and ending in September with a minimum of (5) Applications.

  • Beginning with a full site inspection and recommendations for how to best protect your property.
  • An all organic application that’s environmentally safe for people and pets; using a combination of Peppermint, Cedar oil and natural mosquito deterrents. Please note: Times of heavy sustained rainfall may require additional applications to maintain an effective barrier.
  • Our professional team will treat ALL areas of your property – not just the perimeter like some of our competitors.
  • One simple contract can protect your family and friends from mosquitoes all season long.
  • Special Event & Party Treatments are available.

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