Cedar Fence


We all think about our yards differently.  Some are looking for the American Dream and a white picket fence, while others want a private oasis free from distractions.  Whatever your goal, fencing can help define your landscaping.

Our team can help you find the right fit and bring your vision to life.  We tailor each design to work with your landscaping, architecture, and goals.

Style options include

  • Privacy Fences – create a quite oasis for your own enjoyment
  • Picket Fence – an American classic traditionally in white, but available in natural or color finish
  • Ornamental – an elegant option with elaborate designs
  • Chain Link – effectively keep pets and people in with this practical and affordable option

Material options include

  • Wood – Classic, with flexible design options and available in natural or painted finishes
  • Metal – Classic, simple, or ornate metal is available in a multitude of designs and finishes
  • Vinyl – Stronger than wood with less maintenance and a clean look

Now is a great time to get an estimate for fence installation from Country Club Landscaping. Our professional team can help you explore the options to accent and secure your yard.