Bed Weed Control


A weed is any plant that is growing where it isn’t wanted.  Grass in a flower bed or, flowers in the lawn could both be considered weeds.  Weeds exist in all lawns & gardens and can be dispersed in several ways such as, the wind, by animals, and even lawn & garden equipment – just to name a few.

The best time to fight weeds is early in the season when they are young and tender.

It’s for this very reason, that our program begins with pre-emergent to establish a chemical barrier that will not harm your established plants, but will prevent weeds from successfully growing.

  •  (2) Pre-Emergent Applications per Season
    • Spring
    • Fall
  • Ornamental Program:
    • Spring Pre-Emergent
    • 3 Visits during Season
    • Fall Pre-Emergent
  • Hand Weeding to Maintain Weed Free Beds
  • Spray Applied to Landscape Beds and Hard Surfaces

Note: All sprays are spot and controlled to be environmentally conscious to help protect honey bees and butterflies.

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