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Quality Tools for Quality Service: A.M. Leonard

At Country Club Landscaping we strive to be exceptional in all areas. From our professional landscaping team, to our services, to our tools and equipment, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible to all our valued customers. That is why we wanted to take an opportunity to highlight the A.M. Leonard Horticultural and Tool […]

Winter Weather: Putting Your Landscape to Sleep

Winter Weather: Putting Your Landscape to Sleep Back in our September 4th blog post, Plant Health Care: Steps to Take Now to Prepare for Winter, we discussed the steps plants go through to prepare for cooler weather. Today’s post builds on these concepts with suggestions on the different ways you can prepare your lawn and […]

Beauty, Safety, Privacy: The Case for Fencing

An attractive landscape extends beyond plants, trees, and shrubs. It also consists of the materials used to accent and secure the home’s property.  These items can include lighting, hardscapes, and, commonly, fencing. A new or updated fence is an easy way to renovate the home’s exterior. Professional fence installation also offers numerous benefits with a […]

Fall is for Planting

It may seem counterintuitive, with its cool rains and falling temperatures, but fall is the perfect time to plant. It may feel cooler to us, but the ground remains warm and soft enough to safely welcome a variety of plants. Get ahead of the spring frenzy by starting planting projects when the leaves turn and […]

Soil pH: Getting to the Root of Plant Growth

Soil. That brown, sometimes dusty, sometimes muddy, stuff from which your plants and grass grow is a carefully balanced micro ecosystem teeming with life. Packed full of nutrients and microorganisms, healthy soil is key to creating plant growth. These nutrients and microorganisms require a very specific environment to grow and feed plant life. At the […]

Beauty in the Heat of Summer: Creating Drought Tolerant Landscapes

The sweltering heat of summer can quickly undo the beauty of spring landscaping and contribute to rising utility costs as homeowners struggle to keep lawns green and flowers blooming. Instead of fighting the heat, homeowners can turn to practical and attractive alternatives. Drought and heat tolerant landscapes conserve water, lower utility bills, and offer the […]

LED: The NEW Landscape Light

  Entertainment, design, style, safety, security – the reasons for modern landscape lighting are many. From pure aesthetic to completely functional, today’s LED bulbs are offering longer lasting illumination good for any purpose. Long gone are incandescent bulbs requiring high maintenance with a short life span. LED lights offer a better value, a variety of […]