From Conception to Creation: The Outdoor Living and Landscape Design Project Process


Country Club Landscaping believes the yard is an extension of the home and should provide the same attractive and welcoming feel. A well-manicured landscape, perfect pergola and patio, and/or soothing water feature can transform a mundane yard into an enjoyable year-round space for the entire family. As we explored in our post earlier this month, a detailed and thorough plan is just the first step in this process. Our three step project model is a creative and collaborative approach to landscape design and outdoor living.


Step 1: Assessment and Design

During the planning stage of the project, our design team completes the site analysis and project interview. The analysis and interview help our team to identify the vision and goal for each design. Numerous factors are discussed and considered, such as: budget, customer needs, and planned use of the design, maintenance, and project site location. The goal is to create a design that is beautiful, sustainable, and mirrors each family’s personal style.


Step 2: Pre-Build

Once the design blueprint is finalized with the customer, our team meets to discuss the timetable and specifications of the project. During this stage we are also working closely with the customer to select hardscape and plant materials. This time is also used to prepare the selected site for project installation. Equipment is brought in to begin the initial dig. Whether the project is big or small, from flowerbeds to a pool, the area must be dug and prepped for the building process.


Step 3: The Build

Our skilled team begins to turn your vision into reality! As the features are installed we maintain a high level of communication to ensure the design remains consistent with the original vision. Regular progress updates and project walk-through allow customers to remain informed for the duration of the build. As the project nears completion, the team removes equipment and debris to leave your lawn, and new landscape, feature, or outdoor living space, in pristine condition. Finally, it is time to enjoy your new outdoor space!


At Country Club Landscaping our goal is to ensure all customers have a positive experience throughout the duration of their project. Each valued customer is viewed as a partner and is guaranteed the highest level of communication and professionalism. From conception, to creation, and beyond – Country Club Landscaping is there every step of the way.

Everything Begins With a Plan

With the promise of spring quickly approaching many of our customers are ready to embark on landscape design and outdoor living projects. Not only does a well-planned landscape or outdoor living space provide value to a home, it also connects our customers to nature and the great outdoors. Understanding the fundamentals of landscape planning can help homeowners select designs, plants, and features that are best suited for their needs, use of space, and personal style. Using the following tips to properly plan for a project is a sure-fire way to see the project through to completion.


Site Analysis

The first step in planning a design is to complete a thorough site analysis. The site analysis provides critical property information that will dictate final location, design, and plant selection. The analysis includes 2 basic components that are used to create a blue print of the property and final project.

  1.  Property Assessment: The property assessment provides insight into pre-project preparation and blue print accuracy. This step includes: walking around the property to understand site-lines and views, taking note of topography and hydrozones (where water pools and flows), identifying pre-existing features (trees, fencing, sidewalks, patios, etc), and confirming property dimensions. Part of this process also involves contacting local utilities to identify locations of underground utility lines.
  2. Plant Assessment: The plant assessment helps guide plant selection beyond aesthetic. Since different plants grow better in different conditions identification of soil type, shade/sun ratios, and local Plant Zones will inform which plants are best suited for the project.


Personalized and Informed Design

Information from the site analysis should help guide final design and plant selection. Always start with a big vision! The landscaping team can help turn that vision into a reality. The team and homeowner collaborate to sort out wants versus needs, intended use of the space, and identify stylized touches to ensure the finished project feels like an extension of the home.  Projects can be designed at any scale, and completed in phases, to allow the homeowner’s full vision to be realized. The landscaping team will continue to guide the homeowner step-by-step through the final design process. Once the details are teased out, and the finalized design is drawn into the blue print, the materials are acquired and the yard can be prepped for installation. The project has officially moved from planning to implementation!


Country Club Landscaping is committed to the planning process in order to help customer’s create their dream outdoor space. Our experienced team can complete the site analysis, provide project recommendations, draw up project designs, and complete the installation.  From conception to completion we are with you every step of the way!