Wintertime is the Ideal Time: Dormant Pruning

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Dormancy refers to the suspended, or slowed down state, plants enter during the winter months. Much like hibernation in animals, dormancy conserves energy which helps the plants survive freezing temperatures and a reduction in natural resources. Although your plants and trees may be in a suspended state they still require care and maintenance. Dormant pruning is a proven and effective means to sustaining a healthy landscape during the winter months. It is vital to damage prevention, disease prevention, improved plant health, and lush greenery in the spring.


Seasonal Protection and Preparation

Ohio winters can be unpredictable with extreme weather, including: sub-zero temperatures, snow, sleet, and ice. This severe weather can wreak havoc on trees and plants causing damage and broken limbs. Dormant pruning helps minimize the extent of this damage by removing limbs that are already weak and/or are showing signs of injury. By proactively pruning these damaged limbs your plants and trees are better prepared to manage the winter weather.


Precise and Efficient

The barren landscape of winter is actually advantageous for dormant pruning. Since most trees and plants have lost their greenery, it allows for more precise and efficient cuts. Without leaves to obstruct a full view it is easier to identify weak and injured limbs and asses healthy branch structure. Further, pruning leafless plantings may actually reduce overall stress to the landscape. Limbs are easier to access, cut, and remove; diminishing injury risk to healthy limbs and encouraging robust, new growth come spring.


 Increased Health and Wellness

Dormant pruning benefits the overall health of your landscape by managing pests, disease, and increasing access to sunlight. Fresh cuts during winter months are less aromatic to pests carrying bacteria and fungi. As a result, pruned trees and plants are less likely to be infected by diseases spread from visiting insects. The dormant pruning process also helps open the entire landscape to much needed sunlight. Access to this vital resource will continue to feed and strengthen plants throughout the winter months when they are vulnerable to weather conditions. This combination of pest and disease prevention, coupled with access to sunlight, meets the winter healthcare needs of your landscape.


Dormant pruning is part of Country Club Landscaping’s comprehensive Plant Health Care Program because it is a critical component to year-round plant health care. It provides a foundation for healthy plant growth by reducing plant stress, pro-actively preventing damage and injury, and managing pests and disease. Dormant Pruning is just one of the many ways our Plant Health Care Program pro-actively cares for your landscape. To schedule a pruning, or to learn more about our Plant Health Care Program, contact us today!

True Plant Health Care You Can Live With

An Unique Approach

Your landscape is a continuous growing investment worth protecting. Country Club Landscaping’s new Plant Health Care program (PHC) has been designed to create the most beautiful, sustainable landscapes possible while protecting your family and our environment. This is NOT a traditional Tree and Shrub program that blankets your landscape in dangerous synthetic chemicals, but instead is a targeted holistic program that increases soil health, produces stronger plants, and promotes stunning blooms.

Don’t risk the health of your landscape plants through neglect and inadequate care. Our PHC program differs from that of other companies’ in its comprehensive approach. We add soil care, four season protections, and a stringent Integrated Pest Management (IPM) regime to protect the life in your soil, our pollinators, and most importantly your family.  We use safe natural and organic products to control destructive pest, damaging diseases, and to ensure we are at the leading edge of client care. The secret to the whole program is being pro-active. We have specifically timed the application of each step to work hand in hand with mother nature to solve problems, BEFORE they happen. Ultimately, saving you money and ensuring a breathtaking landscape.


The PHC Way

Healthy soil is alive with a network of organisms working together in a symbiotic relationship with plants. Many urban soils are often left barren, having been stripped, or depleted, of these important organisms through common, unsustainable horticulture practices. PHC takes a pro-active approach by utilizing regular, professional treatment services to prevent and reverse mineral depletion by (literally) getting to the root of the problem. Our integrated approach works with the natural law of return; returning removed nutrients in the same quantities they were taken away to maintain a balanced ecological state and fertile soil.

Healthy soil results in healthy plants that need protection from inclement weather and hungry pests. PHC protects your plants using protective Dormant Oil Sprays and Winter Anti-desiccants. Our Foliar Stress Reducing Nutrient Boost encourages strong roots and shoots giving you bigger longer lasting blooms. By controlling pests and disease with botanical oils, biological soil drenches, and our targeted injectables we eliminate unnecessary broad-spectrum blanketing of insecticides and fungicides that are toxic to people animals, and pollinators. The addition of deep root fertilization, mycorrhizae inoculation, and vertical mulching rounds out the program and allows your landscape to reach its fullest potential.


Flexible and Affordable

Are you concerned about the high cost of other programs? With three levels of service, we can find a package to work within your budget. Each program is designed specifically to fit the needs of your landscape and not a general-purpose application. Our team of professionals have a passion for serving our customers and providing them with an everlasting positive experience that exceeds the competition.

Country Club Landscaping’s Plant Health Care program reflects our dedication to remaining an industry leader by approaching landscaping through sustainable and holistic practices. Our commitment to best practice is exemplified by using products reflective of our dedication to leading the way and changing the industry’s approach to landscaping. By creating and maintaining healthy soil, providing comprehensive plant care, and controlling damaging pests our PHC program is sure to enhance the beauty of your landscape……naturally.